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The Golden Dorado River Cruiser was amazing. The staff was great. The food was incredible. The fact that they could prepare meals like that on a boat several miles from any nearby town was truly amazing! I would call the food five-star quality. The fishery is fantastic with lots of fish. Incredible scenery with an amazing variety of birds. 06/09/2018 · Keen angler Kate Fensterstock heads to the wilds of Argentina to deploy many different fishing techniques to try and hook the elusive golden dorado. Quietly crawling through marshland with my rod balanced on my shoulder and doing my best to stay out of sight, I … Photos and Videos dorado fishing on Paraná River, Argentina - Golden Dorado River Cruiser

The Golden Dorado River Cruiser is the one and only mothership fishing programme in all of Argentina. With world-class lodging in its fully upgraded liveaboard,  Argentina Golden Dorado Fishing on the fly or spinning rod. Heavy hitting fish on light tackle! Call us to customize your experience at our Golden Dorado fishing  Fishing in Buenos Aires: Golden Dorado - See 41 traveler reviews, 140 candid photos, and great deals for Buenos Aires, Argentina, at TripAdvisor. This is one of the most unique Golden Dorado fishing programs available! The all new river cruiser is a luxury live aboard vessel that has been specially built to 

Argentina Golden Dorado fishing is a must for any angler and we encourage all our hunters to try their hand at Golden Dorado fishing for at least one day. At the town of Esquina, the convergence of the mighty Paraná River and the smaller Corriente River creates an enormous wetland called the Paraná River Delta.

Anglers around the world consider Golden Dorado fishing one of the most exciting types of freshwater sport fishing. Parana Sunrise Lodge offers the ultimate fishing program in Argentina where you can fight the mighty Golden Dorado or reel in huge Surubies (South American Catfish) or teethy piranha! The golden dorado is native to warm freshwater habitats in southern Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, Bolivia, and northern Argentina. The golden dorado is considered a prized sportfish by many fly fishermen across the globe – known for its powerful jaws filled with sharp teeth and yellow-golden scales with adults ranging in size from 6-22 lbs. Golden Dorado are extremely aggressive feeders and will hold on ambush points, usually close to moving water, to dart and attack unsuspecting baitfish. The attack on your fly is lighting fast, often just a streak of gold in the water and once you feel the fish hit your fly, you must strip-set aggressively in order to drive the hook into their boney mouth. Popular Golden Dorado Fishing Charters in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Good availability and great rates. Read unbiased reviews and choose the best deal for your trip. Come face to face with the Tiger of the River, surrounded by Golden waves as you set the hook, a Golden Dorado with a scowl on his face angry as hell, will suddenly jump three feet in the air showing his teeth before diving back into the river, busting your reel with his aggression.

A mobile, floating fly fishing lodge on the Rio Parana in Argentina equipped with guides, a full service kitchen staff, and four skiffs.

An exciting fishing tour. Megatour on the Parana river in the jungles of Argentina with an exciting trophy fishing for Golden Dorado The best Golden Dorado fly fishing destinations available, this part of the world will forever re-define for you what dorado travel is all about. Great Argentina golden dorado fly and spin fishing is found at Dorado Cua Lodge in Rio Corrientes in the Isoro Wetland. Golden Dorado fishing in Argentina aboard the Golden Dorado River Cruiser Liveaboard.

Golden dorado photographs from trips in Northern Argentina with Montana Angler. Argentina: Golden Dorado Photos. Golden Dorado photos from our fly fishing trips in Northern Argentina. Click any image to expand into a larger format slide show. Trips. Choose from Montana's most comprehensive selection of …

On our list of "dream fish" to be turned from dream into reality, the Golden Dorado featured high for both Michel and myself. As most of the information on the. Here you'll find, great fly fishing trips and a few lure fishing trips for golden dorado to Argentina and Bolivia. In 2019 and 2020 we are hosting a golden dorado 

The best Golden Dorado fly fishing destinations available, this part of the half a dozen destinations in Northern Argentina that offer great fishing for Dorado, but 

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Trip Information. Golden Dorado, with their aggressive fight and spectacular jumps, are a must-fish species for any fly fisherman. Hidden within the dense jungle of Northern Argentina, the Dorado’s fast runs, strength and stamina provide the angler with an exhilarating battle.